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Founded in 2020 by keyboardist Will T. Patterson, Mr. Bullavard is a collective of Austin, Texas-based musicians. Having honed their skills through some hundred years of collective playing experience in the city and out of it, their innovative and esoteric blend of west-coast country, old-school pop sensibilities, and close harmony, both revives old forms of music and explores new avenues down which to take it. 

Country, rock and roll, and rhythm and blues with a psychedelic gospel bounce, all welded together with swirling slide guitars and ethereal organs, featuring Austin's finest voices in harmony. It's good time music with an old time vibe, one that captures the soul of the post oak hills and calls to mind a seemingly ancient mythos, ringing with echoes of the past and tales of a future worth telling about.

Join us in our celebration of that which brings us together, and enjoy the music.

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Will T. Patterson- Vocals, keyboards, guitars

Jeremy Fowler- Vocals, bass, guitars

Grahame O'Shea- Drums, percussion

And countless others in the Mr. Bullavard community that make the trains run on time. To all, we thank you.

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